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Mr & Mrs McKinney | Year 7 | Anniversary Adventure

This past weekend Andrew and I celebrated our seventh year union of marriage. We traveled back to the state in which we said “I do”. Our home, away from home. This adventure led us straight back to the ocean and sand where we began 7 years ago.

Doing life with Andrew is the best. There is never a dull moment between us, as we live in the moment and conquer our fears together. Our entire life has been and is a great adventure. This weekend we really made some great memories and have even more stories to tell our children as they grow older.

From star gazing at night in complete total darkness and feeling really “small” compared to everything else that is out there in the world surrounding us near and far. To driving on the beach and parking at night, turning off the headlights and just listening to the waves crash as the tide rolls in closer, and closer. Let’s not forget about the sharks swimming visible near the shore each morning. I am attempting to describe moments that can’t simply be described in words. Those moments are selfishly “ours” and can never be shared.

I am a woman who is all about tradition and we have created and kept so many traditions of our own over the years; the beach in particular. Having an entire section (miles) of beach to yourself is amazing. It was more than enough space to once again leave our footprints in the sand.

Speaking of traditions; the traditional seventh year anniversary gift is the gift of copper or wool. Copper represents prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. While wool represents comfort, durability, security, and warmth. In these past seven years I can definitely say that I have found good fortune and warmth because of Andrew. It’s no surprise that God led us to each other with a greater plan in place and we are living each day in his purpose.

Cheers to seven good years, and to the many years to follow. ❤

Matthew 19:6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God had joined together, let no one separate.

Date Night with the McKinney’s

Date Night with the McKinney’s

Just making it in after a wonderful night out with Hubby. We had tonight planned in the books for some weeks now and definitely have been looking forward to it. When you are married with children it can be more challenging to set time aside for you and your spouse but it is very necessary and is not impossible. Plan something and make it happen.

I literally woke up so excited this morning about our planned evening ahead of us. It’s funny how after all these years I still get butterflies when it comes to him. It felt great to get off work and meet my husband for a couples massage. I was gifted a prenatal massage from my sister for my birthday earlier this year. For Andrew I purchased a Groupon for a deep tissue massage for our anniversary this year and it was great that we were able to use both of them in conjunction for a couples massage.

My sister had previously shared with me about her prenatal massage experience at Natural Healing Massage Services in Alexandria, VA and highly recommended it for me. I am so grateful for her gift and really enjoyed my experience. Most specially, I am happy I could share this relaxing experience with Hubby right beside me as he received his first professional massage.

Natural Healing Massage Services
Alexandria, VA

Natural Healing Massage Services was local and parking was convenient. Upon our arrival we were greeted with warm welcomes. The facility was clean, and relaxing from the moment we walked in. Soon after arriving and completing our paperwork we both were greeted by our Therapists, Arian and Hope. After a brief introduction we were walked to our room which was set up romantically.

My Therapist, Arian was amazing! Very knowledgeable and skilled. During the beginning of our session she made me feel very comfortable by talking to me and building a relationship. She inquired about my areas of concerned. At 30 weeks pregnant I told her that primarily it’s my lower back and hips that are causing me the most discomfort.

After some small talk she left me to doze off and enjoy my session. As she would move on to another portion of my body I would wake up to adjust as needed but my light nap was much needed and it was all thanks to her touch. Arian made sure she focused on my areas of concern and this session was very successful in relieving tension for me.

Hubby’s Therapist, Hope did an amazing job as well. He left feeling relaxed, as she was able to work out some knots in his upper back and neck area. He had tension in areas that he did not even realize. We definitely will be returning soon in the coming weeks. I highly recommend Natural Healing Massage Services in Alexandria, VA. If you call to schedule please be sure to tell them that Erica sent you.

Arlington, VA

After our couples massage we had reservations at the Carlyle in Arlington, VA for dinner. The food was amazing and did not disappoint. I enjoyed a crab cake platter with a side of cauliflower mash and fries. I really enjoyed that they served shoestring fries because I really dislike fat fries. Hubby ordered a hanger steak with cauliflower mash, and bacon brussel sprouts. We both throughly enjoyed our meals and time together at dinner.

Yogi Castle
Arlington, VA

Of course, what’s dinner without desert? Nothing… absolutely nothing. Hubby convinced me to try frozen yogurt. A few blocks down there was Yogi Castle, a ice-cream and frozen yogurt shop. I didn’t realize how many options they give you when you build your own cup. I am telling you there were too many options to chose from. After a few minutes, I finally decided on strawberry and euro tart yogurt. For toppings: strawberries, pineapples, and chocolate chips. This was a perfect desert option since I have been craving something fruity.

As the night is coming to a end… today was another great date night in the books for us. I am blessed beyond measure to have such an amazing man to call my Husband and he is an even more amazing Dad. If you are reading this Andrew- know that you are loved and appreciated more than any words could ever express. I look forward to spending the rest of forever with you.